University of Connecticut (UConn)


In July 2018, INHIBITOR entered into a world-wide option agreement concerning itraconazole analogues, which are being developed by Dr. M. Kyle Hadden, Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UConn. These analogues have modifications to particular regions of the itraconazole scaffold. There are patents and patent applications which include compositions of matter claims covering the itraconazole analogues and method claims covering their use for the treatment of cancer.

Data from Dr. Hadden’s laboratory suggest that certain of these analogues maintain potent Hedgehog pathway inhibition while exhibiting improved pharmacokinetic parameters and reduced off-target side effects sometimes associated with itraconazole. The partnership with UConn is  focused on pre-clinical in vitro assays and animal testing of key analogues for treatment of cancers caused by upregulation of the Hedgehog Pathway.


The University of Connecticut is one of the top 25 public research universities in the nation and is a research leader in the fields of advanced materials, additive manufacturing, biomedical devices, cybersecurity, energy, life sciences, sensors, and nanotechnology. As Connecticut’s flagship institution of higher education, UConn serves as an important resource for Connecticut economic development and is dedicated to building collaborations with industry and entrepreneurs with more than $3.6B in investment from the state of Connecticut and industry partners.